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          China’s digital currency to ;be tested in Xiongan; trial run involves Starbucks, McDonald’s[2020-06-23]
          Bad A:ugu|st| for car sales in Spain - GlobalTimes[2020-06-31]
          Beijing Dance F|estival to bring o:verseas performa“nces to the capital[2020-06-11]
          China races to regain first place in worl|d of supercomputers[2020-06-25]
          |Globa~l Times - Japane~se car makers have some good news[2020-06-9]
          Howling hu。sky: imitates| sirens[2020-06-19]
          Over dozen of US states refuse to resettle “Syrian refugees aft~e,r Paris attacks[2020-06-6]
          China ,unfazed by~ swaying US policies[2020-06-14]
          Japan。 to amend“ national de;fense guidelines[2020-06-1]
          UK PM Boris Johnson in inte。nsive care[2020-06-3]
          Kuwait F。ire Service Dire,ctorate |holds emergency drill[2017-4-5]
          Italy to ;suspend all commercial activities, aside from food stores and pharmaci~es: reports[2019-7-13]
          Global Times - Volkswagen ponders Por“sche Panamera platfo。rm[2016-1-12]
          Xi re:quires deepenin|g CPCs self;-reform[2016-10-13]
          NBA events, canceled amid HK tw;eet backlash[2017-1-18]
          Carnival cele|brat|ion i,n Malta[2019-7-24]
          GT| reporters o|n the scene: Two export-oriented private busines|ses in Zhejiang keep engines roaring amid COVID-19[2019-2-21]
          Vocational student emp~loyme|nt 99“ percent[2019-5-2]
          Peking| Un。iversity student says he“ walked 98,800 steps in half a day[2015-5-3]
          Chrys“ler ~narrows 2nd-quart~er loss - GlobalTimes[2017-2-29]
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